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The team

Henri Lambert, Partner

Henri is the founder of Apsara Capital and has 10 years experience in the water sector. He manages the firm’s venture capital investments, and oversees Apsara’s public equities portfolio. Henri is a board member at WaterSmart Software Inc., an observer on the board of AquaSpy Inc., and was a seed investor in Valor Water (acquired by NYSE:XYLEM). He also lead Apsara’s investments in Puralytics and, most recently, HydroPoint Data Systems. From 2015 to 2016 he was a non-executive Director of Aquilys Investment Management, a hedge fund focusing on water and waste. Prior to founding Apsara Capital, Henri worked at a boutique merchant bank in New York, where he focused mostly on the Aerospace sector. Henri holds a BA in History and International Relations from Brown University, an MA in International Legal Studies from Utrecht University, a postgraduate diploma in law from BBP Law School where he also completed the Bar Vocational Course, and a professional certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. Henri is also member of the Twenty65 Leadership Council, an advisor to Operation Water, a non-profit developing water infrastructure projects in emerging economies, and the founder of ACT in Africa, an entrepreneurship program based in Zimbabwe.

Zishan Cheema, CIO

Zishan manages Apsara Capital’s investments in publicly listed water companies. Prior to joining Apsara, he spent 6 years at PineBridge Investments as an investment analyst covering utilities and technology, and 3 years at Global Wealth Allocator, an investment firm developing smart beta products.  Zishan holds a BSc in Chemistry from UCL and MSc in operational research from Warwick University.

Maximilian Mandl
Machine Learning Engineer

Maximilian Mandl holds a Master's degree in Statistics from the London School of Economics where he especially focused on Computational Statistics and Time Series Analysis. Prior to Apsara, Max has worked as Machine Learning Engineer for the German tech unicorn Celonis, where he was developing prototypes of prediction tools for its process mining software. Max also got involved in many research projects jointly conducted with renowned researchers from Harvard University and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. His projects mainly included topics like governmental access to international financial markets and sovereign debt crises. His academic qualifications have been rewarded by several institutions, such as the German National Academic Foundation and the Bavarian Scholarship Program for the Gifted.

Caroline Wadsworth, Venture Partner

Caroline has worked in Environmental and Water industries for over 19 years. Her focus is on innovation in the sector, how to improve and build innovation capability and capacity and how to catalyze the adoption and roll out of innovative technologies. She currently manages the water innovation hub for the Twenty65 research consortium. Prior to joining TWENTY65, Caroline was the Head of Consulting for Isle Utilities, a specialist water technology consultancy. She has also played a leading role in managing and developing the pilot EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) scheme which involved developing a verification model, finding novel technologies, carrying out the verification assessments and managing a multinational project team. More recently she has delivered high level strategies for Governments to improve water industry performance and leads the development of a UK Water Technology Accelerator Programme.

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